How do I use FFglitch?

FFglitch still does not have a nice graphical user interface. It’s an ugly command-line based program.

There are two ways to use FFglitch.

The old way

The old way consists of 3 steps:

  1. Export data from media file
  2. Glitch data however you see fit
  3. Apply glitched data and generate a new file

The new way

The new way (since version 0.9.1) is a one-step process:

  1. Run ffedit with a JavaScript file that glitches the frames one by one.

The new way is much simpler to use, but it has some limitations such as working on a single file at a time, and it might involve having to learn JavaScript (which might also end up being slower than a script in another language).

I need examples!

Here are some tutorials with examples on how to use FFglitch:

There are more posts on the main page to have a better idea on how to use it.