FFglitch is widely-known for having very poor documentation, and requiring a string of pharmaceutical-grade cryptic voodoo gobbledigook command line switches and scripts. It’s either that, or FFglitch is not widely known mostly because of that.

Luckily, over the past few years many projects have popped up that use FFglitch behind the scenes for some great datamoshing effects.

Here are some projects I stumbled upon. If you know of any others, please let me know!

dd_GlitchAssist by Daz Disley

dd_GlitchAssist is a small windows gui front-end for FFglitch written by Daz Disley.

It includes more than 150 scripts for applying different styles of bastardisation to your video. Check out this demo:

Datamosh 2 by Danny Perry

Datamosh 2 is an After Effects plugin that allows you to break video files in countless fashions, mostly by using FFglitch behind the scenes.

They did quite a good job making FFglitch more accessible for people that are used to After Effects and that are not used to command line gobbledigook. It’s a paid product though. So, if you’re feeling like cashing out on fifty bucks, go nuts:

glitchbox-cli by Jakub Kopańko

glitchbox-cli is a command line interface to easily glitch video files with code. It still has some gobbledigook, but overall it’s simpler than pure FFglitch.

Datamoshing in python by Tiberiu Iancu

Datamoshing in python is another command line interface to simplify using FFglitch using Python. It includes some of the scripts from dd_GlitchAssist and a couple more original scripts.

Datamoshing-GUI by CubeZeero

Datamoshing-GUI is a fork of Datamoshing in python that includes a Graphical User Interface. It contains a similar set of scripts and effects as above.


Datamosher Pro by Akascape

Datamosher Pro is another python Graphical User Interface that includes some of the scripts from dd_GlitchAssist and a couple more original scripts.

Datamosher Pro