There are some artists out there doing some amazing work using FFglitch.

I put this page up so that I don’t have to go hunting for examples every time I want to show someone what can be done with FFglitch.

Thomas Collet has a lot of work using FFglitch on vimeo, instagram, and reddit.

A bunch more from Thomas:

Kaspar Ravel wrote a blog post about a collaboration he did with Thomas Collet which resulted in this gem: kaspar and thomas

Here’s the blog post:

And the post on reddit:

Sebastien Brias:

glit_chbee (turn the volume up and enjoy the ride):


Ben Cooper made this clip by using mainly avidemux,, and FFglitch.

Jo Grys has posted some videos on Facebook:

There are more if you search for #ffglitch on Facebook:

And some more random clips I found spread around the interwebz: