FFglitch 0.7.001 has been released.

A new release branch has been created, rebased on top of FFmpeg 4.0.3.

The biggest change in this new branch is that the modified prerequisites xvidcore (version 1.3.5) and json-c (version 0.13.1-20180305) are now bundled with FFglitch, simplifying the build process.

Other changes include:

  • The ordering of frames in the output JSON file has been fixed (mpeg2/4 videos with bi-directional frames are now supported);
  • A sha1sum of the input file has been added to the output JSON file;
  • The builds in the Downloads page are now 64-bit, since some big input files caused out-of-memory errors;
  • macOS builds have been added to the Downloads page.

Get it in the Download page.