FFglitch 0.9.1 has been released.

A new release branch has been created, rebased on top of FFmpeg git commit 3ab16d09.

There are some big changes in this release:

  • scripting support with javascript has been added through quickjs.
  • multi-threading support has been added

It is now much simpler to use ffglitch with the native scripting support. A full glitch can be done with one command-line call. There is no need to do a three-step process of exporting, modifying, and reapplying the data back anymore (although that is still supported). It requires using Javascript though, so you might have to learn some new things.

By fixing multi-threading support, ffglitch is now much faster while transplicating files. The exporting and importing of JSON data is still somewhat slow though.

This release has been mostly untested (specially on windows and macos), so please contact me for any bugs or problems or praise or info (but no hate mail please) or any other questions at ramiro dot polla at gmail dot com.

Some more tutorial posts will probably follow in the next few days…

Get it in the Download page.