FFglitch 0.9.3 has been released.

The main change is the renaming of the ffmpeg build that comes with ffglitch from ffmpeg to ffgac, to prevent confusion with the real ffmpeg.

For those that didn’t know it, ffmpeg stands for fast forward MPEG, where MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group, which I have always found a silly and pompous name. ffgac is meant for glitch artists, where the GAC stands for Glitch Artists Collective.

ffgac contains some extra options that make it easier to create glitchable videos. None of those options are documented so far, but I plan on writing blog posts about them.

Other changes in 0.9.3 are:

  • Fixed exporting JSON data and transplication of AVI files;
  • Minor memory-related bug fixes;
  • Added -dqt option to ffgac to force a quantization table for JPEG files.

Get it in the Download page.